Karl Spreitz


Behind the Barn– 1976

Good Way to Make Heads Meet– 1976

Government Drinking Fountain– 1973

Look What My Girdle Did To Me– 1963

Maybe The Rooster Came First– 1978

Mothers Don’t Play Ball on Sundays– 1983

Self-Propelled– 1975

Unmasked Clown– 1979

Untitled; Abstract– 1975

Untitled; Female Nude– 1975

Untitled; Figure and Geometric Shapes– 1974

Untitled; Figure and Machine– 1973

Untitled; Four Figures– 1973

Untitled; Fruit Bowl and Figures– 1978

Untitled; Human Figure, Piano Parts– n.d.

Untitled; Single Figure– 1974

Untitled; Single Figure, line drawing– 1975

Untitled; Single Figure and Machine Parts– n.d.

Untitled; Two Figures, Old Man and Angel– 1976

Where Do You Want To Go?– 1977


Herbert Siebner and Karl Spreitz


Untitled -1976

Karl Spreitz’s artwork is also held at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Canada Council Art Bank and at Winchester Galleries.