Prod. Karl Spreitz with Colin Browne, 1968 (rereleased 1980). 16mm film.

A portrait of Canadian portrait painter Myfanwy Pavelic, RCA. The film explores her unique working process, through drawings, paintings and collages. It also looks at her relationship with the models, which include Yehudi Menuhin and Katherine Hepburn.

Order of Appearance

[1:31] Katherine Hepburn’s voice
[2:57] Mary Sparakio
[9:45] Maxwell Bates
[13:37] Yehudi Menuhin and his sister Hephzibah
[19:37] Erica Kurth at Roger’s TV
[21:01] Nikolai Pavelic
[21:02] Nana
[21:22] Paul Horn
[21:53] Herbert Siebner
[21:58] Robin Skelton
[22:02] Nita Forrest
[22:49] Students from Oak Bay High School