Prod. Karl Spreitz, 1968, 16mm film.

Filmed on John Manning’s sailboat after his return from England. The film features the two men discussing Siebner’s art. This complete conversation is also available in Herbert Siebner’s first book, Colour, Line and Form printed by Manning Press, 1970.

Order of Appearance

[0:32] Herbert Siebner
[2:55] Herbert in his studio in Berlin, before coming to Canada
[2:58] Angela Siebner
[3:14] Don Lawson
[3:16] John Manning
[8:07] Myfanwy Pavelic
[11:21] Karl Spreitz (reflection)

[17:11] Limners getting key to the City of Victoria
[17:39] Robin Skelton
[17:44] Laszlo Gati
[17:54] Herbert Siebner
[18:01] Colin Graham
[19:37] Myfanwy Pavelic