Art Work Collections

This exhibition is the result of collaborative research on Indigenous children’s art between former students, Survivors of residential and day schools, their families and communities, the University of Victoria’s Legacy Gallery (formerly the Maltwood Art Gallery) staff, and faculty and students from the Departments of Anthropology and Social Work, and Gender Studies (formerly Women’s Studies). Research about the Inkameep day school (Oliver, BC) art began in 2000, and efforts to repatriate paintings from the Alberni residential school (Port Alberni, BC) began in 2012. Both of these projects continue today. Art from the Mackay residential school (Dauphin, Manitoba) is included in the exhibition through an emerging partnership with Survivors from this school. Art from the St. Michael’s residential and day school (Alert Bay, BC) was selected through recent discussions of proposed research with collections and communities in collaboration with the U’mista Cultural Centre.

Many of the pieces of art and images in this exhibition have been loaned to the Legacy Gallery from the private collections of Survivors and their families. With the exception of the works from the Royal BC Museum and the U’mista Cultural Centre, the consent for exhibiting art and images comes from Survivors and their families.

Gratitude is expressed for the relationships developed through the many facets of work associated with the children’s art. The following individuals, their families and communities as well as cultural institutions and funding sources have made this exhibition possible.

Inkameep Day School Survivors and their families: Jane Stelkia, Dora Stelkia, Marie Stelkia; Richard Baptiste, Colleen Baptist, Taylor Baptiste; Irene Bryson; Charlotte Stringham; the late Modesta Betterton; Chief Clarence Louie; Brenda Baptiste; Connie Waters; Caroline Baptiste.

Alberni Indian Residential School Survivors and their families: Wally and Donna Samuel; Jeffrey and Laverne Cook; Jack and Deborah Cook; Mark Atleo; Dennis Thomas; Chuck August; Shelley Chester; Gina Laing and April Laing; Arthur Bolton.

Mackay Indian Residential School Survivors and their families: Jim and Karen Wastasecoot and Lorilee Wastasecoot; Jennie Wastesicoot; Amelia Wavey; Tommie Cheekie and Sharon Cheekie.